Pump Operating Instructions

Inside a package of Dolphin, Pompatürk and Rhino manual water pumps with carrying handle, there are 1 main body, 3 pieces pipes of a same size, 1 faucet and 1 piece air filter. In addition to the above items, Rhino Junior manual water pump with carrying handle package also comes with 1 piece apparatus for bottle's mouth. Star manual water pump packaging does not include air filter.

All of our pumps are compatible with each other and you can purchase apparatus and air filters separately and use them in other models.

Installing the parts of package:

1. Insert the air filter by pressing, while the open end of the filter facing upwards, into the slot, where the water suction pipes pass through, under the main body of the pump.
2. The installation of the pipes:
a. There are 3 pieces of pipes of a same size in the package, with one side of the pipe is thick and uneven, and the other side is thin and flat.
b. Insert any thin side of a pipe into the thicker side of another pipe.
c. Adjust the other remaining pipe in the same way according to the length of your carboy or plastic bottles.
Each pipe can connect to another easily and they can be shortened or extended according to the size of your bottle (like binoculars).
3. Place the faucet firmly into the slot on the main body of the pump.
4. Before placing the pump on carboy, be sure that lower lock nut is in open position to the left side.
5. Place the pump on the carboy holding the main body.
6. After making sure that the pump is fully seated, tighten the lower lock nut to the right side. While tightening lower lock nut, do not push it hard at the limit.
7. After this operation, the pump is ready for use.
8. You can use the pump for water, soft drinks, etc. any kind of liquids. (Except for acidic liquids and liquids hotter than 60 degree Celsius)