Manual Water Pumps With Carrying Handle



As the world's first manual water pump that has a carrying handle, Altay Rhino manual water pumps also offer durability and ergonomics. Its special design provides easy use and handling.

<strong>Rhino Junior</strong>

Rhino Junior

It works similar to Rhino. It is designed for dual use. When it is used with apparatus, it discharges liquid from plastic bottles in sizes of 5,8,10 lt. etc. When it is is used without the aparatus, it discharges fluid directly from carboy.

Bottle Apparatus<br> provides compatibility to<br>5, 8, 10, 12 lt. etc. bottles!

Bottle Apparatus
provides compatibility to
5, 8, 10, 12 lt. etc. bottles!

Air Filter Helps Your Water<br>Stay Fresh and Clean!

Air Filter Helps Your Water
Stay Fresh and Clean!

Specially designed air filter on Rhino & Rhino Junior ensures that the air filled into the bottle is not affected by dust and other particles existing in the external environment when pumping water. We recommend that you renew your filter once a month to take advantage of the benefits of this particular system.

Stainless Chromium<br>Nickel Spring

Stainless Chromium
Nickel Spring

Altay pump springs are made from stainless chrome-nickel. Unlike springs made of plastic or other coating materials, chrome-nickel springs does not change water taste or smell.

Packaging and Parcel

rhino lrRhino

Packing: Box
Package Contents: Rhino manual water pump with carrying handle, air filter (1), operationg instructions and warranty card.
Package Quantity: 24
Parcel Dimensions: 38 cm x 51,5 cm x 57,5 cm

rhino junior lrRhino Junior

Packing: Plastic Bag
Package Contents: Rhino Junior manual water pump with carrying handle, plastic bottle apparatus, air filter (1), operating instructions and warranty card.
Package Quantity: 36
Parcel Dimensions: 46,5 cm x 100 cm x 24 cm