Useful Information

Issues to be considered when buying water pump.

It is necessary to check whether the water pump you use is manufactured by the permission of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and certified by Turkish Standards. There should be TSE permit and code number and production permit of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock on the package of your pump that you’ve purchased
It is necessary to pay attention to the content of a package; address and telephone numbers of the manufacturer and distributor Company. The information about maintaining your pump should be on the packaging.
The warranty period of the pump should be specified on the packaging.

What causes the smell of carboy water after certain period of time?

If an unpleasant smell occurs in your water after certain period of time, you need to check your water pump.
There may be several reasons for this with regards to pump:
1. Your water pump might be made from scrap plastic causing water to smell. We only use high quality raw materials in our production that is appropriate for food industry
2. The Spring used in the water pump might be plastic or iron coated.
The Springs used in our products are made of chromium-nickel and does not cause any smell in the water.
Quality of a pump can be revealed after using it for some time, and it would be best for your health to purchase your pump from a reliable manufacturer.
3. You might be using the same pump for a long period of time without cleaning. We recommend that you clean your pump once in every 15 days.

How should the operating environment of a water pump be?

If you want to use a healthy pump, you need to maintain your pump in accordance with the given instructions. It is important where the carboy is stored. If you keep your carboy in a cool, dry and clean environment, and not exposed to direct sun light, your pump also stay healthier and have longer life. Pumps must be operated in an environment free from chemicals, detergents, cleaning agents, gasoline and similar materials.

What is algae (greening) problem in water pump, how is it formed?

Pumps and carboy in contact with the water and air may be affected by non-pathogenic bacteria in air and greening (algae) may occur. Greening also occur in most pumps used for water.. Light feeds and reproduces algae. Therefore avoid exposing your carboy to direct sunlight (such as keeping in the balcony) Keep your pump and carboy in a cool environment. Cleaning your pump with hot water once in every 15 days and avoiding exposure to sunlight will reduce or eliminate any greening that may be seen.

What is the useful life of the pump?

Warranty period for water pump foreseen by Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock is 2 years. The Ministry of Health recommends a replacement from 6 months to 1 year depending on use of the water pump. Renewal of your pump periodically without waiting malfunction is important for your health and the quality of the water you drink.