How the pump should be cleaned?

Clear your pump once in every 15 days.

1. Remove the pump from your carboy.
Turn nut locking system of your pump to the left and open the pump attached to carboy and separate your pump from carboy.
Altay pump lock system is designed to become loosen with two shifts. There is also a safety lock allowing disengagement of the nut. This lock provides nut to remain in the body of the pump.
Please make sure do not remove the nut from the body of your pump.

2. Remove the faucet from the pump.
Faucet of your pump is designed at an angle to ease the flow of water and prevent it from dripping. A lid is added for protection when the pump is not in use.
For easier cleaning and to avoid any bacteria from accessing to your water, please keep the lid of your faucet closed when it is not in use.

3. Disconnect the water suction pipes from pump.
Altay pump pipe system enables you to use your pumps with carboys or with different size plastic bottles when needed, and to get maximum efficiency from each bottle.
For easier cleaning, keep your carboys at places not being exposed to sun for a long period of time.

4. Thoroughly clean the faucet and suction pipe with hot water.
Keep in boiling hot water for 10 minutes.
If you want to use bleach or cleaning agents that provide hygiene, rinse thoroughly after soaking process.

5. Wipe and dry the body of your pump with a soft cloth and warm water.
Do not open the main body.

6. Altay pumps are designed with a filter system to provide safety, and hygiene. Check the air filter at the bottom of your pump.
Your pump works with air pressure. The air that is pumped into the carboy passes through the filter system and allows you to receive water .Thus; we recommend that you change the filter once in every 30 days. You should replace your filter, If you observe any yellowing on the sponge of the air filter.

Please wash your hands before reinstalling parts that you removed from your pump.

7. Insert the clean suction pipes into your pump
8. Insert faucet into your pump after you completed the cleaning.
9. Place the pump in your carboy. Turn the nut twice to the right side gently, as you did when removing your pump.
10. After you install the pump completely into the carboy, run 1-2 glasses of water through the pump and finish the cleaning process.